His hair is large and in charge! Tonight I said "looks like it might be time for a hair cut Abel" and he said "NO mom, please?" That was all I needed to hear. I love his big Fro but I wanted to make sure he was still loving it too.

He got fillings in 12 teeth yesterday!! Good times, good times.

One day he said "If I had a flip flop I would make a truck out of it" random maybe, but he probably could make a truck out of a flip flop, he makes stuff out of anything and everything.

It has been fun getting to know our son Abel and watching him grow into himself more and more each day. He seems to be getting more comfortable in his skin here in America.

In a few days Abel will finish his first school year. He has really done well. We put him right into first grade only 7 months after coming to America from Ethiopia and not knowing any English. He has struggled with reading and understanding the writter English language but not more then what would be expected. He is a determined learner and I think he's gonna do just fine in school.

He has lots of friends at school, and there is a little girl in his class who was adopted from China, and she loves him a lot! ( probably because he's the only brown sugar in the class ;-) How cool would it be if he marries an Asian girl that was also adopted?

Abel has been a part of our family for a year and a half now! We deal with a few issues still, nothing really out of the ordinary, well our ordinary :-) But the good really does out weigh the bad.

Abel always makes me notes and cards that say "thank you mom and dad for letting me be in your family, thank you for being my mom, thank you for taking care of me, I love my family, I love you Mom, I love you Dad, etc" I know he means it all but I also get sad because I really do think he is afraid it wont last, he's been there before, so he wants to reassure me that he is grateful but he doesn't have to reassure me,  I make sure to reassure him. Every night when Dean and I pray for him, we thank God for him, just like we do Evangeline and Steele, they are all gifts from God.

Sometimes when I see the expression on peoples faces in reaction to seeing our family, I realize how different we all look, but to me this is just how it is, how it was meant to be, we all love our rainbow family.

Tonight Steele asked Dean "when are we going to get a little girl daddy?" I was grinning from ear to ear. I know I will be 43 in August, but I am ready for baby girl Esther Violet! If she's 3 or 4 then it would be like I had her when I was 40 :-)


Jennifer said…
Ah Carole, this post made me grin from ear to ear! Love it!
Anonymous said…
Love this update, Carole. Sending all of you so much love.
Erin Moore said…
I love your family!

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