Junior High Conversations: It's All About Sex

It's now time for another episode of Junior High Conversations...

...enter scene, conversation between me and Evangeline in the car. After 20 minutes of Evangeline talking, I have zoned out. At age 13 she has already perfected the art of talking constantly unless instructed otherwise. I am jolted back in tune to her talking as she mentions how much boys at school like her butt..

Me: Wait, what? boys tell you they like your butt?

E: Yea, all the time they all talk about my butt. They ask me if I have sex and I tell them no but since they like my butt so much they think I'm like that, because of my butt.

Me: All boys at that age just want to have sex, you know that right?

E: (as her voice becomes a high pitched shrill) MOM!! Yes. Yuck. Stop talking about it.

Me: Do you have a boyfriend at school Evangeline?

E: No mom, I haven't had a boyfriend since Braydon.

Me: who is that?

E: Braydon, remember we dated in September?

Me: Where did you go on your "dates"?

E: No where. We never actually went anywhere.

Me: so you didn't really date you just sent text each other?

E: Yea.

Me: what happened to him? Why aren't ya'll 'dating' anymore?

E: Cuz, you said if I went on a date you and dad would have to be with us and he was like 'I wanna go on a date without your parents' so we broke up.

Me: Yea, he didn't want us to go with ya'll cuz he wants to have sex with you and that would be kinda difficult if we were sitting right beside you in a movie.

E: (high pitch shrilling voice again) MOM!! Stop. Oh my gosh! Yuck.

Me: (I continue) And don't let them tell you what 'isn't sex' ok? If they are touching your private parts, if genitalia are being manipulated, then that's sex. Just cuz' you ain't having intercourse doesn't mean you aint having sex. Boys in Junior High will tell you anything to get in your pants. They will tell you they love you, they will read you scripture and act all holy if that's what it takes to get what they want but the truth is, they have one thing on their mind, sex. So don't believe them at all!

E: MOMMA! Ok, why do you have to go into so much detail about everything? Yuck!

Later that night at the dinner table, Evangeline told Dean about our conversation. She sought some sort of denial from him that all Junior High Boys wanted to have sex but..

Dean: Yep. It's true. Mom's right, That is all they are thinking about Evangeline.

He was in fact a Junior High boy at one time..he should know.


Anonymous said…
Evangeline is very blessed to have a mom and dad that will talk so openly to her and love her so much.. very true article! Go CAROLE!
Natasha said…
Eww yucky yucky! Bleh poor E, I'd die if that conversation ensued between me and my parents... Lol
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Gr8 post!so true!!
Chantelle said…
Totally True!! Every word Mom said, Evangeline!

(Love this post...LOVE IT!)
jennifer maggio said…
Well, as the mom of a teenage boy, I'd like to believe the article isn't true. I'd like to believe he's enjoying great Bible studies and such when he haws free time.............but my kid wont' be going on any alone dates either, just to be safe! :)

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