I want

A vacation where there are many books and nothing but time to read them. Endless Poinsettias, some Jimmy Buffet, And a balcony over looking a beach.

I want to go to Haiti and hang with the Orphans in the streets, playing with them and kissing their heads, letting them know they are not forgotten. I want to help victims of human trafficking in Haiti.

I want to go back to Ethiopia and adopt a little girl with HIV.

I want to eat good Beef Tibs like I had there and drink many cups of Ethiopian coffee at a wonderful coffee ceremony.

I want to sit on the floor of an orphanage and brush kids hair, rub lotion on their ashy skin and kiss their fore heads.

I want to bring coffee to the transvestites on Plank Road and sit down and have a conversation with them on their corner over coffee.

I want a van that runs so we can all fit comfortable, not like Sardines.

I want an iPad

I want to lose 20 lbs without working out.

I want the dark patches on my face to fade and my cheeks not to sag.

I want to have time to finish my book.

Saying "Life is short" is so cliche but sometimes I can't even breath because I am so filled with a sense of urgency.

So much to do and so little time.


Karen said…
I want some stuff, too. That beach scene sounded really good to me.
Natalie said…

I wanna do a lot of these things with you... kin, I tell you... we are freaking kin!

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