He Came to Church

I love being on the worship team at the Dream Center, I love the people I serve with on the team, in the church, everywhere. I NEVER miss Sunday Service and I have to tell myself  "No" to going on every outreach. It's because that is my church, my community, my people. Dean and I know we are called to be a part of that family.

But last week after Easter service, I was just tired. I felt like I needed a break. I started contemplating missing church this Sunday. Every day this week I weighed out the pros and cons of missing but at the end of the day, I decided I needed to just suck it up and go.

On Saturday nights I lay out our clothes for Sunday morning. I never change outfits, what I lay out is what I wear. This morning, while thinking I just shouldn't go to church, I changed outfits 3 times. Which to me was a sign that I should not go.

But I went. And I struggled to be nice, to be patient, to feel like I was even at church.

A small voice kept saying "cuz' you should have just stayed home".

Worship started and I decided to enter in, worship God even with my cranky heart. He broke it and it was good. I was glad I came.

Then after worship service Dean tells me that one of the transvestites we have reached out to on Plank Road was in service. He recognized me immediately as I approached him "Hey! I haven't seen ya'll in so long!" He said in his high pitched girl voice. He sat with a lady who had taken him in off the streets.

Mike Hamman was the guest speaker today and he preached on missed potential. He gave an alter call to people who wanted to live up to the God given potential inside them.

Our transvestite friend went to the altar. I went over to pray with him. (no guys would because they thought he was a she) While I was praying with him I kept saying "he" because I knew he wasn't a girl even though others didn't. I prayed that God would surround him with love, grace, mercy and forgivness, free him of condemnation and hopelessness.As he started to talk to me, his voice went from high pitch female sounding to deep and manly.

After wards we talked and he told me his grandmother died two years ago, she had been his only care giver and after that he wound up on the streets, dressed like a girl, selling himself,  in order to survive.

He is only 20years old.

I contacted the lady I work for, Charity, and we are going to visit him Tuesday and see if we can help him more.

Today he received some groceries and some hope for the future.

Am I ever glad I went to church. The enemy was trying to keep me away...wow, what a blessing I would have missed..today was meant to happen.


Ron & Maria said…
I'm glad you went to church too, especially for your friend. It's easy to give in to the enemy - when I want to be lazy, I'm going to think of the high pitched voice becoming more manly - and the love that he's feeling from the right place!
Amen! and peace to you!
jennifer maggio said…
Did yall see to him on yesterday? How is he? Gosh, that is awesome.

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