The Fatherless: Little Boy Lost

Andy has been coming to the after school program at the Dream Center for two and a half years. When he first came he was always being nasty and one time he took one of our video games (Craig went to where he was staying and got it back) But once he found out that would not be tolerated he stopped. Just last week he was helping grill burgers for the youth meeting.Andy came to town the night before Katrina hit New Orleans. His mother had sent him up to Baton Rouge with some friends of hers. He was to stay the night at the home of a friend of a friend. His mother stayed behind in New Orleans that night. Andy slept on the floor of the friends house.That was five years ago. He's 14 years old now. His mother was never found. Andy is still sleeping on that floor. Sometime he gets to sleep on the couch.

Jay came to Baton Rouge from New Orleans the night before Katrina hit. He and his older sister stayed the night with friends and were not able to return to their home because it was gone. Jay has been coming to the after school program for two and a half years. Jay is an old soul, we joke that he is a 35year old man in a kids body. He's witty and kind but he likes to smoke pot and he likes to flirt with the ladies.

Dan is 15 years old. He also has been coming to the After School program for almost three years. When he was 9 he was arguing with his mother while his step father was trying to watch TV. As Dan stormed down the hall to his room he yelled back at his mother "I hate you" then he went into his room and slammed the door shut. His mother continued to yell at him. His step dad got angry and shot his mother in the head. Dan walked out of his room to find his mother dead on the living room floor. His step dad is still in prison. He lives with his grandparents and older sister. He recently spent time in a juvenile detention center for minor crimes. He's been thrown out of our after school program several times for verbal abuse of leaders. Last week he was thrown in jail after an altercation with a police officer where it seemed he purposely provoked the officer. It was as if he wanted the cop to shoot him.

Everyone has a story.

Right now these boys are becoming men. They are learning what it means to be a man from Rap video's, TV, music, and older guys in the neighborhood. They are making decisions right now that will effect the rest of their lives. They need positive role models. They need a few bull elephants to come a long side of them and show them how to act.

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Really good, Carole. Really good.

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