It was a great day at the Dream Center this morning. I sang my first SOLO ever at church!! I got to sing the "twas grace that brought.." verse of Amazing Grace! We did a medley of Because He Lives/Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone, which included some killer 4 part harmony sang acapello! We started with that song, cuz' we had the Winbourne Baptist congregations with us in service today and they are all over 65, so we started mellow, old school, and then we took it down to Funky Town with some "Super Victorious" by Jonathan Stockstill...cuz that's just how we do it in the Dirty!

Happy Easter.


The BRDC Easter worship team, Front row: Me Nathan, Kristin, Angela, Josh. Back Row: Frank, Kim, Arnie, Danny and Sean.

Me and Evangeline..

Dean and the boys..

The family, Dean looking mad, Steele with his scrunched up face, me with my white legs (Pants, long dresses, or leggins from now on!) E looking very much like a teenager and Abel looking cool.


Chantelle said…
Your family is beautiful. Happy Easter! (wish there was a video clip of you singing!) :)

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