The Last Few Days

Friday was Abel's birthday. Lot's of his friends came and we hunted Easter Eggs. He turned 8. He had a Sponge Bob party. He loves Sponge Bob. We don't have cable anymore so we got him two seasons of Sponge Bob on DVD. He hasn't stopped watching it.

Friday night at 11:00pm Dean, me and a few others took a missions team from Chicago out on the streets of North Baton Rouge. Our goal was outreach to prostitutes, pimps, johns and other aspects of the world we call "the streets". We handed out a few Hope bags to some transvestites with lotion, tooth brushes and soap in them (the bag has Hope on it, it's a back pack type thing with also the phone # to the local Rescue and Restore which fights Human Trafficking). We visited a crack house and gave them soap and snacks and prayed with a couple there and handed out snacks to some people at the Alamo Hotel (rent by the day or hour kinda place) It was a good night. I got to bed at 3:00am.

Saturday was the big block party at the Dream Center so I was up bright and early, 7:30am. It was an amazing block party! Most of the booths and activities were manned by the local community who once received outreach from the Dream Center and now they are reaching out. That is beautiful.

Then Saturday night Dean and I had the privilege of working the booth at the Tigers Against Trafficking 5k race. Abel actually ran in the race and made it in 30 minutes.

I went all day, outside, being active, for 12 hours AND on only 4 hrs of sleep! Even Dean said he was proud if me for that, cuz he knows better then anyone that I don't do "no sleep" and I definitely don't do outside on no sleep. But I had prayed for God to give me the stamina and strength to do it all and he did, I never did get freaky tired.

But when we all hit the bed Saturday night, we crashed..hard.

Today we had a great church service where four different people told about how they had been brought to the Dream Center through outreach. Richard who was homeless, now serving at the Dream Center, was reached out to for years by the team, Demetra had people come knock on her door with snacks and church information, Latosha received a rose from Midnight Outreach and Margarette came into the Cafe for groceries and clothes. Now all these people are living for Jesus, giving their time to the community and are a part of the Dream Center Church family.

And finally tonight we went to our friend Aaron's birth day party.

I am tired. But good tired, like youth camp tired.

Tomorrow I must write more in my book, paint and do laundry.. Lots of laundry.

The very best thing about all these crazy days and busyness is that all the above going and doing, I got to do with my family. Dean and the kids (except we didn't have the kids with us for street outreach and Aaron's party) I'm so blessed to have a life partner like Dean and kids that love to go and do like we do.

I have a great life. Thank you Jesus.


Karen said…
We are serious Sponge Bob People. Abel needs to hear the rousing rendition of my boys (including Kam) singing Ripped Pants. Gives me chills.

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