I'm excited to announce a new outreach that Dean and I will be leading under the Rescue and Restore Coalition to fight human trafficking in the Baton Rouge area. It takes the street side of Midnight Outreach and expands it, changes it somewhat and makes it a unique outreach unto itself.

I.C.U. stands for Inner City Unit. This outreach will be specifically focused on the north side of town, around the Baton Rouge Dream Center area. It will be after Strip Club Outreach at 11:00pm but it will be a completely different outreach so that people who wish to do the Strip Club outreach can come at 9:30pm and then stay for I.C.U. or they can just come for Strip Club outreach and not go to I.C.U. or just come for I.C.U. at 11:00pm. It's basically taking Midnight Outreach as it currently exist and splitting it into two separate outreaches, Streets will be I.C.U. and Strip Clubs will be Strip Clubs.

Dean and I love working in the streets. We love reaching out to prostitutes, crack heads, drug dealers, transvestites, etc. We feel that "I'm alive" feeling when we are in the streets. We love reaching out to the dancers and bouncers at the strip clubs for sure, we will continue to be a part of Strip Club outreach and Summer will continue to be a part of the street outreach, only now we can each cultivate and grow the areas we have been placed over.

For three years Summer, Dean and I have been serving under Alliece, Donna and Charity doing Midnight outreach, this is the next phase and it's exciting that they have entrusted us with this. It's so cool to see how Summer has won so much favor with the clubs recently, her connections with the dancers and bouncers has been such a God thing. Her heart is at Highland, that area, where most of the strip clubs are and Dean and I, well our hearts are in the inner city, at the Dream Center, for that community, and that is where the I.C.U. will be.

We are all very excited about what God is doing and will do with this new branch of the Rescue and Restore tree.

Email me if you would like more info carolesturner@yahoo.com


jennifer maggio said…
how exciting!

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