I Have a New iPhone and a New Job

I'm typing this post from my new phone.
Well wait, scratch that, I want to link Eric Doucet's blog so let me change to the desk top...

Ok, I'm the desk top, and I've linked the blog.
Eric gave me the phone. Yes GAVE it to me. He had upgraded and had this extra one.
I offered to pay him but he wouldn't let me.
There may be a way to do links on blogs from the iphone but I don't know it.
There is actually a lot of stuff I don't know
But Dean likes to show me how, in that "let me teach you because I'm a pro" kinda way.

My favorite thing so far is the Notes and the Google Calendar App.
I love to be organized and it doesn't come easy for me.
If a band member comes to practice and says "what songs are we practicing again?" (which happens every week) I can just look on the Google Calendar.
I use the notes all day.
Grocery list, to do list
and for my new job!

I work under the Street Outreach Program, Homeless Youth Grant at the BRDC now!
Charity Trahan is my boss and she is a pro at the streets (no I'm not sucking up)
I have served on outreaches with her for 3 years and I have learned much from her.
Today was my second day at work.
I drive for the program so I spend most of the day picking up kids and taking them home.
Today I took a group from the community on outreach.
They do this every Wednesday after Cafe.
These are people who have been served by the Dream Center and now they want to serve.
We had a great time.

Here are a couple pictures I took today at my new job with my new iphone..

Mike, Tameka, Floyd and Monique giving some Liquorish and 3 on 3 basket ball tournament fliers to some people.

Latosha telling a lady about the Servolution Block Party and giving her kids some liquorish.

I am loving my new job and my new iphone.


Anonymous said…
Congrats! There couldn't be a more perfect job for you. Driving around all day and helping people is what you do best!

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