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This is an organization that Dean and I support. It's doing great things for Orphans in Swaziland, Uganda, and Ethiopia Africa, and orphans in Russia. Tom's book, Red Letters living a Faith that Bleeds is one of my top ten books and his amazing fiction book, Scared, based in Swaziland Africa, is a must read. I also buy coffee from his organization, saintscoffee.com which is fair trade and the sale of the coffee helps orphans in Africa. Plus, it's freaky good stuff! I LOVE the Ethiopian and Espresso Roast.

Dean and I really want to go to Haiti but so far, that just isn't happening. BUT maybe we can help more by not going? We bought a tent for a family in Haiti through ahomeinhaiti.org, got us a couple Help Haiti shirts from helphaitishirt.com which funds orphanages and feeding centers there, we sent support to World Visions Haiti and Compassion Internationals ongoing relief in Haiti. I don't share all that to be "look at what we did" but I always hope by putting a link on here to organizations doing great work, that YOU will click and give also. We aint breaking the bank by giving to these organizations, trust me, it's all small amounts but I know every little bit helps. So THAT's why I say all that, hope that's cool with everyone.

And I have to keep telling myself, that helping Haiti isn't about me or what I want to do, it's not about being able to say "I went to Haiti" it's about being the hands and feet of Jesus to the Haitian people and all people, doing God's will, however that looks. Right now it looks like helping financially thous that are already there helping.

Will you consider giving to Hope Chest's work in Haiti? Would you take a minute and check it out below and pray about what God would have you do?

EVERY little bit helps..

From Tom's blog

Our First Sponsored Orphanage in Haiti.

We have been praying about what role Children's HopeChest needs to play in Haiti. Our goal is to have projects and community sponsorships with a number of orphanages and walk with them for years to come as they rebuild. We want to be with them long term not simply help with emergency aid.

The story of our first orphanage is below. We already have a sponsor and these children are already receiving the help they need. If you are interested in your community being engaged in Haiti, please click
here to learn how to TRANSFORM an orphanage, then email me about your interest at tdavis@hopechest.org. We're thankful to Telecom Decision Makers, Inc., for being our first sponsor in Haiti.

This story comes from my buddy, Seth Barnes' blog.

When the earth shook with violence in Leogane, an orphanage of 46 girls erupted in screams. A house mom threw her body across the three nearest girls as the walls and ceiling collapsed on her, taking her life, but saving the girls.

Two of them escaped, but one named Mange remained stuck in the rubble next to the house mom who had sacrificed her life.

Trapped in the rubble, Mange cried out: "Please don't leave me here to die! I don't want to die this way!"

Two young boys from the church heard her cries and began digging. The structure looked like a concrete pancake, but they dug and cleared a hole through. Mange was saved.

All 46 orphans gathered together, but now they had no house mom. Eighteen-year-old Geesula sprang into action. Not only was she the oldest of the group, but she had been around longer than all but one of the other orphans. Geesula now became the protector of orphans. The surrounding community came in and stole all their remaining food, but Geesula saw to it that the girls were safe.

A month later, Geesula continues to be housemom for her 45 orphan sisters. She knows what the girls need each day. Before the quake, the orphanage was part of a foundation that included a bakery, guest house and medical clinic. All of those collapsed and their vehicle was demolished.

This orphanage needs your help. They have lost everything and aren't supported by any big church or organization.There has been enough death in Haiti. Now is the time for life. God is giving us an opportunity. While orphans live in tents and we still live in houses, God invites us to do more. Like those young boys who dug out Mange from the rubble, lives are saved when we hear the cries of the poor and hurting and respond.

Right now, living conditions are very primitive - tents and no electricity. Rainy season arrives next month, so there is no time to waste. The time for Haiti is now and the time for Haiti's orphans is today.

If you want to GIVE to Haiti, please Click here and mark your gift: "Haiti's Orphans."


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