Health Care debate..I'm jumping in

Just my two cents, on my blog, hope that's ok...

The health care debate has brought out the worst in Republicans. Sure, the Democrats are gloating and elated that they finally get their way but Republicans really need to get a grip. As the party of family values and home to 90% of professing Christians, I am saddened by how they are acting. Racial slurs at congressmen, hate mail to anyone that voted yes on it. Makes me glad I'm an independent. AND I am not for government run health care. I actually thought we already had it. Heck, who doesn't have access to a free clinic and a charity hospital in America. Sure, the care can suck and cause you to die of cancer when you shouldn't but this isn't Ethiopia where the life expectancy is 50 years old and there are 5000 patients per doctor. A lot if not most of the world is way worse off then we are here in America. We have good health care. BUT I am not even gonna complain about this government over haul, I'm not mad it happened, and I don't think it's communism or socialism or Nazism. Anyone that calls themselves a Christian who HASN'T funded a medical clinic in the inner city, or a charity hospital, mobile medical unit or something like that should just take this medicine and be quite also. WE, the church, could have prevented this from even being an option for our government but we didn't so I say suck it up and move on. People in Canada didn't experience the Apocalypse when government ran health care started there and neither will we. Everyone take a chill pill and trust God. Look at this as a lesson, if you don't want government in your wallet, go in it yourself and give to the needy. Help the needy like Jesus said or the government will do it poorly for you.


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