Don't make me paint you!

I have reactive airway disease, which means the dancing finger type things that line my airways are overly sensative, they dance like spirit fingers on crack. So I've had two sinus surgeries and a life time of snot, watery eyes and not smelling.

I tell you all this to say, I should not be painting with oil based paint because of this illness but when I have to use oil based paint, like now with the new paint job I got, then I have to wear what I like to call my darth Vadar mask.

I look like a terrioris or a paint Ninja! But my airways are safe..oh and my hair, somehow I always get paint in my hair (and all over my body) so I'm wearing the do-rag!!

This is my life..welcome.


Karen said…
I love that you have gotten serious! My coffee table needs some work.

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