From BRDC Saints Super Bowl day
The BRDC band, FRONT ROW- Frank, Kim, Kristin, Angela, Josh, Me, Jeremy. BACK ROW-Arnie, Danny, Jordan, Sean.

From BRDC Saints Super Bowl day
The ladies of the BRDC worship team, Angela, Me, Kristin and Kim

We all wore our Saints colors today to church.

Pastor Craig talked about how the Colts are mentioned 1 time in the bible...the Saints are mentioned 98 times. I think it's obvious who God is pulling for ;-)

As a proud resident of Louisiana and someone who has been here for over 24 years. I have to say, I am so glad the Saints are in the Super Bowl. It's really not even about football for me, it's more about a team that represents a city. New Orleans suffered severe devastation from Katrina. The Super Dome was trashed and the Saints owner talked about moving the team. Pain on pain for a while. BUT now, THE Louisiana team is in the Super Bowl.

This is the final touch on a rebuilt house. A house that had been destroyed but a house determined to come back as a much better house, a stronger house. I know that's cheesy and really doesn't make much sense, SO what. I like it. I like the energy that is permeating the air in Louisiana today. Celebration. Healing. Laughter.

It's all good.

In closing I really only have one question for you...


We actually had this song playing at "Flow" time at church this morning!


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