What Does Helping Haiti Really Look Like?

Since the quake I have been itching to go help in Haiti. Dean is listening to his Creole ipod app to learn some of the language and we are anxiously waiting to hear from Pastor Dino if/when teams from HPC will go.

But during this time of waiting I have also been researching how to really help Haiti right now and down the road.

There are two schools of thought on this that I am consistently finding.

One says, go now, do whatever needs to be done while you're there, use the trip to raise awareness,THIS will help Haiti.

The other says, don't go now, fund the aide groups that are already there to do more of what they have been doing, give to empower the Haitian people, and only go later if a group on the ground expresses their need for you and your skills specifically.

I think I fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

Here are a couple of great blogs to read to give some perspective,

Tales from the Hood
Good_Intentions_are not Enough

So, I'm praying and working all this out in my heart and mind and right now, I'm not too certain of much.

BUT I do know that it has nothing to do with making ME feel like I did something to help. I don't need to be a hero or a star. I need to do exactly what God wants me to do. Period. The Haitian people are not a cause, they are not voiceless, they are people who have suffered a terrible devastation, God's children like we all are. I dare not interject my selfish desires or ambitions into this.

I have complete confidence in the leaders from HPC that are in Haiti and have been there since the quake, trying to figure out how we can best help. I know they will not send teams if that is not in the Haitian people's best interest. They will not burden the Haitian people BUT only help, really help, however that looks. I know they are praying hard and working hard to find what we are supposed to do and not do. I respect these people and will follow their lead. They have MUCH more experience in this then I do.

SO for now we wait, pray and we give. Give to people that have been helping Haiti long before and will be there long after this.

THAT, I know cant hurt and I know it does help.

Compassion International

World Vision

Love a Child

Help Haiti Shirt


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