So much to say I'm speachless

As I mentioned before, I am writing my life story. I have only written 23 pages and that has taken me over a month. Since I started writing it I am not sleeping well. I tried to live by the Stephen Pressfield teaching of "you have to write every day" but I knew I had to take frequent breaks from the memories I was writing, cuz' going to some ugly places can make you mean, or at least it does me. That's why it's taking me so long to write I guess, I have to take breaks so I can be nice.

Last night while watching American Idol, with the entire family around me, I sat in my favorite chair and wrote five of the hardest pages of my life story. Even while LOST was on, I continued to write that story from my childhood.

After ward I talked to Dean about it. He said he was proud of me for writing my life story. He's a great husband.

I want to blog about my daily life, how God is really doing a lot in our family, in me, in Dean. About life at the Dream Center and all the cool new doors that God is opening but I just don't have it in me right now. I'm giving the little I have to my book and it's taking a lot.


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