Richard: Part 2

Richard lived on the levee for years. Outside, in a tent or under the cover of trees. He's been off the streets and clean for almost a year now. Richard comes to the Dream Center and helps pull off old sheet rock in the auditorium. He paints, loads and unloads furniture for people and he works rings around the younger guys. All with only one arm. He out works most people around him, with only one arm. And he has been doing homeless outreach for a few months. He now helps with the outreach that reached out to him.

Thursday when we were on outreach Richard came up to me and said "you know what got me right here?" as he pounded on his heart with his fist "Your little one. I mean, I ain't ever known a kid to care about the Homeless like she does. She was always there. Helping. That got me. That really got me" He said as he teared up and looked off into the distance.

You can read Richard: part 1 by clicking HERE.

Don't ever think what you are doing isn't making a difference. Keep seeking Jesus and being Jesus to people.


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