1 Year Home

Today when Abel arrived home from school I had him do the usual routine, change clothes and start doing his homework. I made him and Steele go into the office where Evangeline was already working on homework. I had gotten them some new drawing pads and handwriting practice books so they sat down and started working on them.

I went to get their snack ready.

Only today Abel got a very special, 1 year home surprise "snack". Our friends Dawn and Bernie, parents of Tes, had sent him food from an Ethiopian Resturaunt! Abel walked into the dining room and couldn't believe his eyes! Shero, Doro Wat, Injera and Peas!!

"Is this my celebration mom?" He said while stuffing his face with his favorite food in the world.

"It's part of it. Mrs. Dawn and Mr. Bernie are celebrating 1 year with Tes also so they wanted to share this with you. Isn't that nice?"

"I love it mom".

Abel with his card from Dawn, Bernie, Tes, Bailey and Taylor

THANK YOU DAWN AND BERNIE!!!!!!! You made this 1st anniversary so special for Abel.
We can't wait 'till ya'll come visit in March.

I meant to do a "1 Year home" post on the actual anniversary, but with the Flu and all, well I just couldn't go there. Now I can. I'm ready.

I have to say, it has been the absolute best year of my life, hands down, but also one of the very hardest years of my life.

We have had hard days. Days where I wondered if I had what it took to do this. But there have been more good days. Great days. He truly is a gift from God.

The greatest thing to watch is Evangeline and Steele with Abel. There is no hesitation, they are brothers and sister. Period. No question. THAT is a miracle. It is so much fun to witness.

And like I have said before, reaching out before the feeling is there is what activates and grows the feelings. Daily, we all get more attached to each other. Heart ties are coiling around and deeply into all our hearts connecting us more and more each day.

Let me tell you a few things we have discovered about our son over this last year..

Abel is funny. He is a great dancer. He is freakishly observant. He notices everything. He remembers everything. He is sharp as a tack.

He made a hat out of paper and tape. There is nothing he cant make with paper and tape.

He is a great drawer. He loves baseball, Hip Hop dancing, Michael Jackson and President Obama.

In one year he has gone from not knowing English, entering 1st grade without ever attending Kindergarten, making D's in English to NOW making Bs in English! He had trouble writing neatly but now has beautiful handwriting. He makes As and Bs in Math.

He has grown from being 48 inches tall and weighing 43lbs to now being 51 inches tall and weighing 49lbs. He is a great eater. He loves Oatmeal and Frosted Flakes cereal with warmed milk.

We found out he has permanent hearing loss in his right ear, probably due to a child hood sound trauma. He can't hear high pitches in that ear at all.

I think he will be a builder or an artist, or maybe an Architect where he can combine both. No matter what he does or doesn't achieve or who he becomes as an adult, He will always be our son and we will always be so glad that God let us be his parents.

Happy 1 year home Abel Dean G-Medhein Turner!

Looking back...

From Getting Abel from Ethiopia
Tes, Abel, Parker and Morgan in Ethiopia, the day we were about to leave to come back to America. This is one of my favorite pictures. Check out Jilian's blog (she is Parker and Morgan's mom) she is real and I love her and that whole family very much.

From Getting Abel from Ethiopia
Mike and Rosie with Abe, Dawn Bernie and Tes, Dean me and Abel, Ashley, Jillian with Parker and Morgan.The group we traveled with. We are all still so close. I love them all and feel forever connected to them because of what we shared.


Anonymous said…
I agree-- hardest year of my life and best as well. That is how it is? The good things are made great with the struggle to do them right. You are all loved!
Anonymous said…
Yes. and. Yes.
And.. it's really crazy to see the guest house stairs!
Happy one year. Thanks for the friendship and advice.
I hear ya.
Jill said…
That is awesome, Carole! I love it. What a sweet, thoughtful thing for them to have done. He looked SO SO happy eating that food! HA! :)

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