HELP NEEDED! Matt Family Ugandan Adoption in Crisis

My dear friends and BRDC kids church leader Meghan and Chris Matt are in the middle of adopting 3 year old Moses from Uganda. Meghan has been in Uganda for 10 days. Yesterday Meghan, along with 25 other families, received word that the U.S. government would no longer grant visa's to children from Uganda.

THIS is very bad. Most of these parents have already been declared the legal parents of these children by the Ugandan courts BUT if they can't get visa's then that means they can not be brought into the U.S. That means that Meghan and the other families will not be able to bring their children home unless this changes.

Please Please Please help these families.


If you are a Louisiana resident, we have a friend in Washington, Mary Landrieu. She is the co sponsor of the Equality for Adopted Children Act. PLEASE contact her and ask her to intervene on behalf of these children.

This is the letter I sent to her, you can copy and paste it just take out my personal stuff..

Hello Senator Landrieu.

Thank you so much for your work on behalf of children adopted internationally to have the same rights as other American citizens.We adopted our 7 year old son from Ethiopia last year.

Unfortunately we have a crisis situation right now with adoptions in Uganda. My dear friend, a Baton Rouge Louisiana resident, Meghan Matt, is in Uganda waiting to bring her son home. She, along with 25 other families, were told yesterday that they would not receive Visa's for their children to return to the U.S. with them. These children have been declared the legal responsibility of the U.S. parents by a Ugandan judge but the U.S. government has now decided they will no longer grant Visa's for these children. The U.S. government is requesting that the judge rewrite all adoptions granted to state that the child is now a U.S. citizen. In the mean time we have 25 families, already in Uganda for weeks, waiting to bring their children home. Including one child who is sick and in need of medical care. Is there any way you can help?

contact local media and tell them about this situation,

WBRZ channel 2

WAFB channel 9

Also, join EACH through, put "Uganda" in the comments. The more numbers and proof of effected people the better.

I will keep you all posted on any new developments as I receive them.

Check Meghan and Chris's blog HERE

And this blog is written by the parents of baby girl Sarah Elizabeth, who is very sick and one of the 25 kids trying to get home from Uganda.



jennifer maggio said…
done. posted it on my facebook, too.
Anonymous said…
I know this a very emotional situation, but I believe you have some facts wrong in the letter to your Senator. I am here in Uganda for an adoption also. We have direct contact with the embassy. The information they gave us is so different than we are hearing on all the blogs. Yes, wording needs to be changed. But I am confident they will work it out. I adopted from here three years ago and we had almost the same thing happen. All through out ths process policies have to be changed and updated. It is international adoption. It's always changing. If people are scared they sould go to this We're not adopting from them, but they seem to have a pretty good handle on the situation. Dee
Carole Turner said…
Thanks Dee. We are just going by what our friend Meghan is emailing to us. Even today she said the lawyer has to go before a judge on Monday to state his case for them getting the wording changed. I really hope you are right, that would be great. Like I said, we are just going by frantic emails she is sending.

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