Finger Nail Droppings, The Story of My Life

I am writing my life story. I have about 16 pages done so far. Yes, it's called Finger Nail Droppings, The Story of My Life. I will explain the title in the book.

For now I thought I'd let you read a snippet from the first chapter. Just a little taste of what makes me me...

She had married at age 16, had given birth to my sister when she was 18, me at 19 and divorced by age 20. Her and my dad had been high school sweethearts. They were those crazy love struck kids you hear about in old 1950’S songs. Their parents didn’t like them dating so they ran off to Georgia and got married and soon mom was pregnant with my sister.

After my sister was born they headed to New Orleans to play music. They had big dreams of fame and Rock and Roll. Dad was a drummer and my mom sang. Dad got a job playing drums at the Gunga Den strip Club on Bourbon Street. Mom tended bar and my sister Donna stayed in a play pin in the dressing room, the strippers would watch her while they were on break. I was in my mom’s belly as she waited on the drunken strip club patrons.

But the reality of married life with children was starting to take it’s tole on the Rock and Roll teen dreamers. Playing drums in strip clubs in New Orleans was just not going to work with two little babies. So mom and dad packed up and went back home to Florida, dad started working at Eckerd drugs store and mom waited tables. Dreams of fame faded, and responsibility beckoned to my dad..


AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
can't wait to read the rest!!
Erin Moore said…
I want more!

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