Children Sold..

I had a few people email or message me after the CBS news segment on the girls from Ethiopia who were sold to an adoption agency and adopted by a couple here in America. Many were wondering what the possibility was that Abel could have been sold like they were.

Abel was living in Mekelle which is a city in northern Ethiopia. His grandmother took him to what is equal to our social services office kinda and she dropped him off to them. They filled out paper work, stating that she told them she could not care for him anymore because of her age and she had no income. He stayed in their care until they were able to prove he was an orphan and was eligible for adoption then they notified the adoption agency. He was then flown to Addis Ababu, which is a 5 hour plane ride. He stayed in Addis for 19 months, at the Care Center, until we picked him up.

A month before we got him, 18 months after she had dropped him off at the social services office, she was flown to Addis Ababbu to stand before a judge in person. She told the judge that she was his grandmother, was unemployed, and wished for him to be adopted. She said she understood what that meant. The judge was presented with documentation showing deaths of both Abel's parents and where they were buried. There was also sworn testimonies from witnesses to verify her story.

The day she appeared in court she also went to visit Abel in the care center. He said he thought she was coming to get him but she wasn't. She again told him to stay there. He said she didn't cry but he did. He said he was very sad that day.

So, yes, I believe that what we know to be Abel's story is true. I do not believe he was sold to our agency. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I have no reason to believe our agency did that. The agency on the news story had other families come forward about the same thing and are under investigation. The agency we used is not.

I think A LOT of reform needs to come to Ethiopian adoptions. It's a messy unregulated money maker and that needs to stop. I do believe many children are sold by hungry desperate families.

Here is the link to the documentary "Fly Away Children" about corrupt Ethiopian adoptions.

Fly Away Children


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