Abel's Valentine..

Abel gave Dean and I this drawing today for Valentines Day.

You see the boxes, with "Faml" that are on each side of the family picture? That's "Family" he said he sounded out all the words to spell them ;-)

Then the family picture with him in it is in the middle box.

and then in the boxes on the bottom he drew first himself all alone, then a plane (with Ethiopian flag colors on the tail fin, he remembers so well) and then another plane (cuz' we changed planes in DC) then our home.

It reads.."Dear mom and dad thankyou for lat me live wit you I love my faml your sun Abel Turner".

I make a point NOT to make him feel he needs to thank us or be grateful that we adopted him. Yet, he is thankful. Maybe because I always thank God FOR him when we pray at night and we tell him how glad we are that he is in our family.

A day celebrating love, that's what Valentines is supposed to be about. Dean got me roses and sweet tarts, he knows I love Sweet tarts. The kids all gave me something special and I gave them something. Gifts to say, "hey, don't ever forget that I love you. I got your back. We are family".

We celebrated love this Valentines Day.


Anderson Crew said…
Erin Moore said…
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
amazingly awesome!
Carey said…
HerstoryGirl said…
That is, hands down, the BEST Valentine's present EVER!!!!
Love it!
Love your family :)

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