What a week! I have been wanting to blog about what all is going on with us, but then the tragedy in Haiti happens and I am glued to the TV or praying or trying to find ways to get to Haiti and well, I just feel overwhelmed with it all.

I want to go so bad! I want to help. Like After Katrina when we went to the New Orleans airport which served as a Triage and transport hub. Lorri and I helped people with their stuff, picked up trash, comforted people, brought them drinks and snacks. THAT was when I knew I was born for this kinda stuff. But I know that going right now would not help the people of Haiti. If I were a nurse, doctor or rescue worker, I would already be on a plane. Our time will come, soon we will be able to go and help cook, feed, rebuild, hold babies.

Besides the longing to go help in Haiti, we are coming to term with the fact that Megan is going home for good next week. This is hard for us, she's been here since July, but it's right. She misses her mom, her mom misses her and It's just time. I pray I have helped her with reading. I did the best I could. We will miss her terribly. We are putting E in school also. She's excited about that but very sad about Megan going home.

Everything changes, it's hard. So I pray for patience and direction. But right now, more then anything, I am praying for the Orphans in Haiti, the people of Haiti. I am blessed to be a part of a church that is active in helping Haiti already. I thank God for the saints heading into Haiti and the ones donating to help Haiti, they are shining bright right now and the ones that are going to Haiti are meeting up with the saints there that are weary and tired, yet singing and thankful to God. The stories are inspiring. God is moving.

Please see below for a list of supplies needed right now in Haiti and how you can help.


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