Someone Cares About Your Cause Because Your Gracious, Patient and You Live it.

This is a follow up to my post yesterday, No One Cares About Your Cause Because Your Rude, Judgemental and Don't Live it. I wanted to continue this topic because there is a sunny side, there are people in the twitter/blog world that do sing that infectious song, there are groups, organizations, individuals that shine a bright light on their cause and make others want to take a closer look into whether that cause should be their cause.

Here are just a few infectious song people,

Jason Kovacs
. He works for the Abba Fund which gives interest free loan to couples who are adopting. He is a huge advocate for Orphans and Adoption. Him and his wife have 4 adopted children (one is from Uganda, the other three are domestic) and one Biological daughter. He lives what he advocates and he does it with grace and love.

Amy Poche Amy and her husband Tommy lead His Heart for Orphans adoption ministry at Healing Place Church. One time I was telling her my frustration with people who say stuff like "I would adopt a child of another race but my family would never accept them because..." She very kindly told me to use all of these opportunities to educate, not get frustrated but discuss in love and grace how these perceived obstacles can be over come. She has 8 children, two are biological, one domestic adoption and five from Peru. She knows what she is talking about, she has been living it for five years and she always corrects or encourages with grace and love.

Tom Davis He is the founder and director of Children's Hope Chest which has Care Points in Swaziland and Orphanages in Ethiopia and Russia. His book Red Letters, Living a Faith that Bleeds is a call to Christians to care for the Widow and the Orphan. It is one of my all time favorite books. And another book of his, Scared is up there on my list also. It's a novel about an orphan in Swaziland and it will tear you up! Tom lives his passion, he walks it out with love and grace.

Carolyn Twietmeyer
She is a power house advocating for HIV+ children to be adopted. She has 11 children, 4 whom were adopted from Ethiopia and they are in the process of adopting two more. 4 of her children are HIV positive. She is in the process of opening foster homes in Ethiopia for children waiting to be adopted that have HIV. She is SO passionate. She testifies before congress for legislation affecting HIV+ orphans and she speaks at adoption conferences. She is also gracious and patient when talking to people who question HIV adoption.

There are more, many more that do not just "live it", They live it and advocate for it with love, grace and mercy. They are a sweet song in the world of bad rashes.

I was a bad rash. That's why I could easily spot the other bad rashes. People who do "live it", they have adopted many children, care for orphans, build schools in third world countries, etc, but they scream it from the mountain top, they guilt and condemn anyone that doesn't do as they do. They think they are superior because "they" are doing what others should be doing. And the worst thing is, I raised up other bad rashes, people who looked to me for inspiration started acting the same way.

But think of Mother Theresa, she was a sweet song. Martin Luther King Jr, who started the idea of peaceful protest and fighting racial hate with love. He was a song we can dance too. As Dino says "hate doesn't change the world for Jesus, love does".

And Jesus, He is love. He is grace. He is mercy. Yes, he talked strong at times, direct and correcting but He did all that in love. Jesus is the original infectious song that we all still hear and feel and dance too. I'm gonna try to be like Jesus.


AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Thanks for the kind words! What an honor to be listed with Jason, Tom and Carolyn! You make me want to live harder and do more! What an awesome revelation to the beginning of this year! May we all be power houses for Him and greater than we were last year in bringing forth awareness of adopting more of these precious children!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Erin McCoy said…
this has been really convicting... thank you for your openness

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