Couple days ago Steele came home from school and fell asleep, he was sick. He had a 103.6 fever. Steele has never really been sick. As a baby he had whopping cough but we didn't even know it until a few months of him coughing like and old man who had smoked his entire life. Other then the awful coughing fits, he didn't even act sick with that. So it was really weird that he was so sick. I took him the next day to the Doctor and he tested positive for flu. She said they don't test for Swine Flu specifically but his culture showed positive immediately so he had it bad. He got on Tami Flu immediately and by the next day his fever was gone and he was wanting to play. E has been immunized for the Swine Flu already because of her diabetes. I had not gotten the boys immunized.

Then Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I had been beat! As the day progressed, I KNEW I had what Steele had. I started running fever, only 100.6 but I felt freakishly bad. I took Tami Flu and today, I feel much better. I'm still sick, but way better then yesterday. What ever "flu" it is, it's a bad one. The worse I have ever had for sure.

Yesterday was one year ago that we arrived back in America with Abel. We were going to celebrate this "gotcha day" by going to Chuck E Cheese but since I was sick and Steele was still on medication we have postponed it.

Then this morning at 4am I wake up to Evangeline vomiting. Her pump tubing had broke so her blood sugar was over 600. We changed the site, and got some insulin in her. We had to check it every hour after that till 8am when it was finally down under 200. She is feeling fine now.

All this on the tail end of Dean being home all week recovering from a Hernia surgery. Crazy.


Carey said…
Oof! What a week! Glad everyone is getting better.

Happy Gotcha Day, Abel! It's hard to believe it's been a whole year. I remember watching your story as we were waiting for our little ones. Congratulations and Happy times at Chucky Cheese (for the kids anyway)! =)

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