Praying for Haiti

Tonight we are going to HPC Highland campus for a church wide time of prayer for Haiti. Like Shaun King said the other night, "soon helping Haiti will not be sexy any more. Something will push it out of the twitter top trending spot and people will start to look away longer". Well that is already starting to happen. I understand it. I'm not gonna judge people for it. But like I said before, Dean and I were born for this kinda stuff. We are called to it so it is still front and center on our radar. We both are just waiting and preparing for the word "Go" and we will be there.

Please pray for HPC pastor Mike Haman, DR. Green who is an HPC member and Florida youth pastor, Charles Young, who are in Haiti now with Samaritan's Purse, delivering medical supplies, food and water.

This picture was taken yesterday at an orphanage in Haiti that had run completely out of water. Shaun king had received this information and tweeted it, Mike Haman and his crew saw the tweets, found there way to the orphanage and gave them 50 gallons of water!! THAT is the body of Christ working together in the electronic age for the least of these! "...when I was thirsty you gave me something to drink" Matthew 25.

Mike just twittered again (follow him on twitter @mikehaman) that they still desperately need doctors and nurses. People are dieing of injuries that they should not die from.

Also pray for @Troylivesay ( and follow his updates on Twitter) he is a missionary in Haiti and he's been working his butt off helping the people since this quake hit. Both his, and Mike's tweets are killing me. So up and down, victories and losses, so much grief and dying yet so much hope. Pray for God's speed to all the relief workers and supplies that are headed their way, that are waiting in ports, trying to get through impassable roads, trying to land their planes, trying to decide where the most desperate people are that are needing the most help. And please pray daily for the people of Haiti. Peace, comfort, healing, calm.

And for people interesting in specifically helping Haiti's orphans, check out the web site for the Joint Counsel of International Children's Services.

Dean and I are really looking forward to being with the HPC church family tonight to pray for Haiti. Join us if you can, 7pm @ the Highland campus or online at


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