No One Cares About Your Cause Because Your Rude, Judgemental and You Don't Live It!

I read this small post the other day on Ben Arment's blog and it stabbed me right in the heart,

When No One Cares About Your Cause
Many of us have a cause we're trying to advocate. We're passionate about it, moved by it, and convinced that others should feel the same. So we're dumbstruck when no one does...

Years ago, there was a study conducted at Stanford where students were asked to tap out a melody with just a pencil while other students tried to guess the song. The tappers were absolutely convinced that the listeners should be able to make-out the song. After all, they heard the entire orchestration in their heads. But only 2% succeeded.

When it comes to our causes, we hear the "melodies" in our heads because we've experienced them first-hand. But unfortunately it sounds like just tapping to others. Our goal shouldn't be to advocate the cause - because no one cares - but to help others personally experience it.

Last week I wrote about how I would read twits from advocates of Adoption, African aide, Orphan Care, etc and I would become really annoyed by the arrogance, the condescension, the judgemental tones. I found myself NOT feeling compassion or an urge to help but rather just the opposite. Then I realized I WAS ONE OF THEM!! Yuck.

I then started to ask God "how then?" How do I convey my passion so that it IS JESUS, is love and not a noisy sounding gong?

I think God is saying, "Live it" more then anything else. Our lives speak way louder then our words. Think about it, there are so many people out there talking, advocating, that it becomes one big roar of voices that do nothing by aggravate.

I want my passion to spread like an infectious song that others can't help but dance too, not like a bad rash! That comes from being an example, putting my money where my mouth is, doing not just talking, living it..loudly. BEING a song that others want to dance too...even if no one ever joins the dance.


Nothing like a big serving of humble pie, huh Carole? Yeah, I eventually get grateful for God's prompts for me to grow up, but I still wish it didn't hurt so dadgum much!

By the way, if you want a great snippet of humility, check out Colt McCoy's interview from last night's game - I have it posted on my blog.

Keep bringin' it, Carole!
Anonymous said…
Hey Carole, thanks for commenting on my SCL post today. I really liked that story you posted here on Ben's blog too. Hope to see you around again!
Hmm. Perhaps I am one of those clanging gongs as well... Although, I have to admit, I have been touched and moved by the tweets and fb updates of some of those (some may consider to be) clangning gongs. Go figure.

Love this post. Thanks for sharing. Is it hypocrisy if I share this post via Twitter or facebook? :-)
Erin Moore said…
Now I'm wondering if I am a rash spreader...hmmm...
Carole Turner said…
Honestly Erin and Amy, I have never thought that about either of you.

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