Tomorrow at 8am I take Smeggers (that is ONE of our nick names for Megan) to the airport so she can go home to Okeechobee. She is leaving us. She's been here since July.

I know this is right. It's hard for a 14 year old girl to be away from her mom. When she was little, anytime she came to visit here or anywhere that wasn't home, even with her mom, after only one night she would start asking her mom "when are we going home?". So it was shocking that she wanted to stay here. We all have become so attached to her. The boys love her so much and Evangeline, well, I don't know what my little E is gonna do without her Smeggers.

Megan's sister Candice used to come and stay a month or two almost every summer when she was growing up, after she left I would always get sad while I was making my coffee in the morning. Coffee time was mine and Candice's time so making it and drinking it in the morning would remind me of her and make me miss her for a long while after she left. I know it will be even worse with Megan. So many things will remind us all of her. She likes her coffee with TONS of sugar. She was THE best security chick at kids sign in desk at church. The BRDC kids love and fear her. Everyone at the BRDC will miss her terribly. Hip Hop class, Homeless breakfast, all the things she was involved in will miss her.

I know she is not mine, I knew that when she chose to stay. I knew her mom allowed it because she wanted Megan to read better, get some help with English and spelling. Help I could offer in a home school setting. I did the best I could, I really do think I helped her. Even though I knew all along she couldn't stay forever, she will be leaving with a piece of my heart.

She doesn't like a lot of affection. I always grab her and hug her and she fights it. But tonight I held her for a while and I prayed for her. I know God has huge plans for Megan. Huge! I am so happy that we had the honor of having her stay with us and enrich our lives for this short time. I know she will come to visit again, and we will go down there, but for now, we are sad that she now longer will share our home. She will always be in our hearts.

Ok, I need to stop now before I start crying.


HerstoryGirl said…
Ok, now I'm crying... I'm gonna miss her! Personally, I just wish your whole family would move here! I like all of them. =)
Anonymous said…
Awww I didn't get to say goodbye :(.
Love you Megan, we all gonna miss you.


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