So You Want To Adopt One of the Orphans in Haiti?

I am just gonna speak for myself, my opinion on this issue as someone who has adopted internationally and is an Orphan Care Advocate.

I know that as Christians we feel we must do something to help when we see all the newly orphaned children in Haiti, and that is true, we are all called to help Orphans but we are not all called to adopt.

Adoption is not the answer to Haiti's previous or current orphan crisis. It IS part of the solution but it is not the only part.

Right now the most important thing for these children is basic food and shelter. Our main concentration at this moment should be funding the organizations that are already there, caring for orphans and getting more organizations there to do the same.

Second is to fund organizations that sponsor entire families so that the extended families of these children, if there is any, can keep them and care for them. When at all possible, I believe children should stay with family, in their own country. We in America are not better, we are not the answer. The Haitian people love their children, they want them to have good lives, and unlike us, many of them choose giving their babies up so that the child can grow up and not starve to death. Here in America, having to make that kind of choice is so unimaginable because even the poorest of us is richer then most people in Haiti. I know this to be true.

So, I think the first thing right now is to financially provide for the people of Haiti, fund the Orphanages in Haiti, send care givers to love on the children who are in limbo right now, waiting on word of surviving family, and THEN pursue adoption of children that have no one.

But even before the quake, there were thousands of Orphans in Haiti, now there will be thousands more that honestly have no families. Especially older children, and even more especially children with disabilities, amputees, HIV+ children. These kids do need to be adopted. It would be best for them to be adopted by Haitian families but since right now that is not possible, as the richest country in the world, with amazing adoption funds, tax credits, church adoption ministries, etc, it is our responsibility to adopt these older, special needs children. OR if you feel you can't adopt them personally, then help someone else do it. One way is to donate to organizations that offer interest free loans and grants to couples seeking to adopt, like The Abba Fund, or Life Song for Orphans. Even locally, His Heart For Orphans at HPC offers grants when the funds are available (currently there is only a small amount available) so even if you don't feel you can adopt, you can help an orphan by giving money to a couple that is ready and willing, and wanting to adopt and older and/or special needs child, by donating to one of these funds. We can all be a part of getting families for these children.

Unfortunately most people who want to adopt don't want older or special needs children, they want healthy babies. SO, then comes the big ugly problem of child trafficking. It happens in Haiti already, it will be worse now. The adoption industry will get money hungry, babies will be sold, good hearted couples wanting to help will get suckered in and then have to live with the pain of the truth later. Again, this is just my opinion, but I am basing it on actually facts, true stories, and documented information about baby selling that goes on in extremely impoverished countries.

SO I guess I said all that to say pray about what you are called to do to help the orphans of Haiti. Ask God if you can adopt an older and/or special needs orphan, one that really is the least of these because most people don't want them. That's harsh but it's true. I know this isn't the exciting "lets save the babies of Haiti" many people want to hear but like I said, this is my opinion on how to best help the orphans of Haiti right now and my opinion as to which Orphans are most desperate right now.

If you pray and really feel God leading you to start the adoption process, the first thing you have to have is a home study. SO start there. If your here in Baton Rouge or Texas, contact me and I can give you the name of the lady who did our home studies. She's great.

But right now we can all help the Haitian orphans by funding these organizations that help orphans, some also sponsor families in Haiti, have orphanages and offer other services to orphans.

Real Hope for Haiti
World Vision
Haiti Rescue Center
Heartline Ministries
Compassion International
Help End Local Poverty (H.E.L.P.)

If you want to look into adopting, is a great resource. They have an extensive list of children that are available from all over the world and right now, a concentration of information about adopting form Haiti.

And if you would like information about helping and/or adopting orphans with HIV, go to:

Project Hopeful


@bibledude said…
While I must admit that this was a little different than what I expected, I do have to say that it was very insightful. Thank you for sharing your heart in this matter, and the more that I get to know you I know that your heart is pure in this.

You rock Carole!

HerstoryGirl said…
Love it & linked it on my blog

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