Hard to comprehend 100 thousand people dieing on such a small island. THE poorest country in the northern Hemisphere.

I am heart broken. I want to go help. But for now I only know of agencies sending already trained volunteers and funding people and groups already on the ground there. I also know that sometime sending random people causes more work, and I don't want to do that. So for now I pray.

At this I time have absolutely no money to give, I hate that. I really do. I gotta get more margin in my life for emergencies like this.

But here are some groups that are right now helping with relief efforts in Haiti.

You can click on these links to donate to disaster relief.

compassion.com disaster relief


samaratins purse.org

And this blog is a family that lives in Haiti and they giving very current on the ground updates.


Aaron Ivey has adopted from Haiti and still has one son there that they have yet been able to bring home. Their son is ok, thank God. But I have already heard of a family that was in the process of adopting from Haiti and their child died last night in the Quake.


Time to pray.


Unknown said…

Thanks for posting. My uncle has been going over there with a medical team several times a year for many years. He arrived the evening before the quake. The mission is 10 miles out of Port-au-Prince. They immediately set up a triage.... seeing horrible death and devastation. They ran out of medical supplies within minutes and are waiting...
You are right the church will shine during this hour, I am sure of it. So many missionaries (including my aunt and uncle) have served this country showing the love of Jesus to the Haitians tirelessly for decades. These people will see Jesus through them once again. And God will be glorified!-lorri

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