From Pastor Dino in Haiti: Immerse yourself in Hope

Since the quake two weeks ago several teams from HPC and the churches we partner with have gone over to Haiti to find out how we can help. They have brought over supplies and teams of Doctors have gone and are still going in weekly rotations. Now a group of pastors from around the U.S. are there. Pastor Dino is with them.

I think of Haiti every day. I know Dean and I will eventually go there. My heart is now burdened for the children. When 200,000 people die, many kids are left orphaned and die themselves.

I asked Dean this morning if he could adopt a child with a limb or something missing? There will be THOUSANDS of orphans with missing legs, arms, fingers, toes, etc. because of this kind of disaster.

We have no idea what our place in this disaster is in the future, for now we pray and pray. God be with them. God give wisdom to the people who want to help. Give strength to the people that are on the ground now. Give your peace and as Dino said, help them to hang on to hope...

Here is what Dino wrote on his blog today. Follow him on twitter also at @dinorizzo.

January 27, 2010

Immerse Yourself In Hope

But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.-Psalm 39:7

I’m standing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as I write this – watching people’s faces. It really seems like there is a depletion of hope here. My prayer is for hope to be restored to these people.

And really, no matter what your situation is, that’s my prayer for you. Hold on to hope like crazy. Every day, something or someone is going to try to rip it away from you, and what you’re left with is empty living, hollow, shallow and a very bleak outlook.

I think that’s why the Bible tells us 54 times to put our hope in God, in His Word, in His grace. I want to encourage you today to immerse yourself in hope and stay in that place where everything you see you see through the eyes of hope.

My heart breaks for these precious people in Port-au-Prince; tragedy on top of extreme poverty. And what I’m sensing that could be the greatest devastation of all is the loss of hope. Please continue to pray for Haiti. And make sure you’re soaking yourself in hope in the Lord. Only His hope can carry you through.


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