Tomorrow, E Goes to School

Tomorrow morning at 7:30am E will go back to school. I have home schooled her for the last 3 years. This is not easy for me but it's right.

The other day when I was enrolling her, she with her blue streaked hair and nose ring, me with my Hippie wave hair, no make up, wearing my TOMS and T-shirt with a heart on it that looked like a redneck tattoo. I thought "what must these proper school people be thinking of us?" as I answered questions about why she hadn't been immunized at all until 2006, filled out forms for management of her diabetes at school and was told she would have to get the blue out of her hair and the nose ring out of her nose. I realized what a huge transition this will be for all of us. While other 13 year old girls were reading about social studies, E was cooking and feeding the homeless breakfast, taking them blankets and boots and becoming like family to them.

AND piercing her nose and dying her hair blue.

But tomorrow, all that changes. She will go to normal school and become a conventional student just like 99% of the other American girls her age.

From thanksgiving outreach

BUT She will still be getting up at 5am on Thursdays to go cook breakfast for the homeless. She wont be able to go feed them because after she cooks, she will go to school. To her, homeless outreach is HER outreach, that is her place in the body. So, even though they wont see her, she will still be reaching out to the homeless from behind the scenes. AND come summer, she will be back out there hanging with them like she loves to do.

Even though she will now be wearing the conventional school uniform, have to study the same stuff as all the other kids her age, won't have blue streaked hair or a nose ring in her nose, in her heart she will always be an unconventional girl really...and that makes me very happy.


I don't know you in person but I feel your heart. love to you and E! BTW love blue hair and nose rings.
Carey said…
Praying for the transition! Good job, Mom, in preparing her to be who she really is. In tradition school or not.

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