Action Grows Love

With our babies we have this overwhelming urge to hug them, kiss them, show them affection. Children we birth or adopt as babies have this great privilege all their lives. But with adopting Abel at age 6, neither him nor us had that automatic "feeling". Attaching and bonding with an older child is a delicate,hard, amazing process.

But this is truth, The action of reaching out, initiating affection activates the feelings, it waters the growing love, breaths life into it. And the reverse is also true, waiting to feel it before expressing it deprives it of life, kills it and grows walls instead of love.

Every time I reach out to Abel, hold him, kiss his forehead or cheek, rub his Afro, I feel the energy connecting us. That energy is love.

The enemy of all things good and right wants us to wait for the feelings, God wants us to be moved by faith, act knowing love is there, we just have to water it, we must act and let Him do miracles, and HE does a miracle every time I reach out in faith. It is truly supernatural. I get to watch this miracle. God has allowed our family to do this! To participate in this miracle! We are so blessed.

It's been almost a year, January 26th 2009 was the day we met Abel, that is our adoption "Gotcha day". Needless to say this is an emotional time for me. Looking back on this blessing, what an amazing journey we are on...


I needed to hear this today. We are so affectionate with our biological son, and my husband and I were just expressing this very concern to one another today: how we're worried our adopted children (coming home later this year) will envy that. All the more motivation for us to initiate the affection even before it comes naturally. Thank you again for a great post.

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