What I found-A furniture story

Thanksgiving morning we had just left the Mississippi River Levee, where we handed out breakfast, socks, jackets, blankets and cookies to a handful of homeless people that lived there. We were now headed to the north street overpass, a place where 20 to 30 homeless people call home.

As I was making my way from the levee to North Street, I turned down a side road and passed a furniture store that was now closed. I saw a huge pile of trash out by the road. It looked like they had been remodeling the building and had cleaned out everything that was inside.

Just as I drove past, I caught a glimpse of what looked to be a nice piece of furniture sticking out from under all the rubbish. I quickly made the block and came back. There it was, like gold in a mountain. I couldn't believe this beautiful piece of furniture was just sitting there. Covered and surrounded by discarded building materials, boxes, paint, and garbage bags. Sure, the top was scratched up, but that was it.

I quickly called Vince, the leader of Homeless Outreach, he came by, loaded it up in his truck and now it sits in my dinning room.

God knows I love furniture. That and shoes are my weakness. He also knows I ain't above digging in the trash to get a gift He has left for me. Thanks God.


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