Twitter again..

said "the real value of Facebook and Twitter, in the end, will be to prove that prayerlessness was not from lack of time." Yikes! Powerful challenge to all us social networking crack heads. This quote was of course retweeted and posted on Facebook status updates many times. Ah the irony.

Speaking of the Retweet. Can I just be honest and say I do not like when people ask me to retweet something. I did it once to someone and I immediately felt wrong about it. A retweet should be completely based on compulsion, that feeling of "yea, that's good stuff. I am gonna retweet that because I think everyone that follows me would want to read that". I'm not saying that some of the things people ask me to retweet aren't important but I'd rather get a DM that says "hey, check out what I just tweeted. I think you will like it". Then I could decided if I want to retweet it instead of feeling pressured into the retweet by a "hey, can you retweet my last tweet?".

So now that I've made everyone reading this think I'm a Twit witch (yes, I just made that up) I'll move on to lighter Twitter issues.

Like, How great are @Johncmayer and @the_real_shaq's tweets? I really enjoy them both. They are famous people that have made Twitter funner (yea, I'm gonna use 'Funner'). I like the funny people in any arena. One such person is @JesusNeedsNewPR , he gives great commentary on TV shows, totally cracks me up. But if you can't handle a humorous look at church and famous Christians, you might not like his twits. He spares no one. And my new favorite is @jonahthib he's a local guy and I had no idea he was funny but his twits are hysterical!!

What will 2010 hold for Twitter? Will people pick up my term Twit Witch and put it on the top 10 Twitter searches? Will I succeed in ticking everyone that I attend church with off with politically provocative twits? Will I ever get @MatthewBarnett to converse with me on Twitter like @thewareabouts does? Will conspiracy theorist @swilson0781 run for office VIA twitter? Will 140 characters be all we have to change the world?

We shall see. For now, I will attempt to twitter responsibly and not be a Twit-witch.


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Hi it is me.
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