Non Specific Holiday Figure

Larry the Cable Guy reminds me of my brother, only my brother is funnier!

This clip is a true holiday classic to me, it does a great job of poking fun at people who like to hate on Santa.

I know a few. I really don't get it.

No, I don't tell my kids he is real, when they ask, I tell them that he is like Barney, he's a fun imaginative figure that represents the innocence of Christmas.

Remember fun? Innocence? Remember make believe?

I just don't think Jesus is as wound up about someone playing Santa at Christmas time as some Christians are.

Celebrating Jesus' birthday doesn't have to make us self righteous snobs. Can't we just relax and let kids dream, imagine, and be innocent?

Click the video, laugh and enjoy.



HerstoryGirl said…
Amen Sista Claus!

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