I once sang Soprano.

Recently I was informed that I was an Alto.

But I'm an Alto that sings Tenor, mostly.

Tenor:the adult male voice intermediate between the bass and the alto or countertenor.

I listen to the CD we have of the songs to learn for worship, I sing along, I think I've found my part and I start singing that beautiful Alto part over and over again. Only to find out later at practice that I have learned the Tenor part.

It's hard when girls half your age look at you and say "you got it? No, that's still the Tenor part. Sing this. It's easy." I start to sing and it's still Tenor.

Sure, I get the Alto part sometime. I think.

I'm not just being stubborn. I almost cried at practice tonight because I really thought I had been singing the right part along with the CD, but no, Arnie attempts to teach me the part, sings it beside me, again and again, which results in me singing sections of the song in Alto and others in Tenor. It's awful.

Why can't I just be a Tenor? It doesn't sound bad. It sounds good. Or maybe I just think it sounds good.

I used to win singing contest all the time. My sister cries when I sing "Is it Over Yet" or " At last" at Karaokee. I never doubted that I was a good singer.

Until I tried to sing parts.

I told Evangeline tonight "learn how to hear parts, the right parts, and learn it now, cuz' when your 40 and trying to, it's stinks!"

I think I even sang Tenor in the Choir when I was supposed to be a Soprano. Wow. Hard reality.
SO, I sucked back the tears at practice tonight, came home and put on some Wynonna, Patsy Cline and Sheryl Crow and sang lead along with them...

And I lived to sing Tenor/Alto another day.

This is my life, welcome.


You just keep doing what you gotta do - and doing it with all your heart!
Anonymous said…
You are a great singer.
If my husband thinks you sing great, you sing great. End of subject.

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