New Years resolutions

I really think New Years resolutions are stupid and prompted by guilt over eating too much during Thanksgiving and Christmas and looking at an empty bank account from all the spending on stupid gifts.

Good thing I like to do stupid things.


Not be such a #$tch in 2010. THIS resolution I make every year, weekly, monthly, daily sometimes.

Use a more humorous approach to advocacy. See I found that the people that annoyed me the most were people who were activist like me. On Twitter especially. I just didn't like all that preachy condescension I heard from some people and I realized I didn't like it cuz' I was the pot calling the kettle black! Ouch!

Read 12 books.

Not be so stinkin insecure and needy.

Find my complete joy, peace, strength in Jesus.

Be HIS hands and feet.

Write. write and write some more.

Sing and dance.

Love my husband and kids more deeply and selfless.

Do everything short of drugs and exercise to keep from outgrowing my size 12 jeans.

Run like a spastic kid into the wind chasing HIS dream for my life.

What's some of yours?


Connie Firmin said…
Um...I'll just take your list. Great resolutions!

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