My Christmas wishes to you all..

Kiss your kids a lot, hold them, read to them. Eat Smores with them.

Laugh, dance and look stupid.

Volunteer at a homeless breakfast, a toy giveaway, an outreach to strippers and prostitutes, something like that in your area, and watch how blessed YOU get from it.

Spend less on gifts and give more time to your family.

Give to,,,, Water For Christmas instead of buying that coffee mug or wall plaque for your pastor, teacher, dad, mom, co-worker, etc. THEY would love the gift of helping an Orphan way better, I promise.

Invite a lonely person over for Christmas dinner.

Be Christ to someone this Christmas. Let them see Him in you, even if they say Happy Holidays :-)

Extend grace and mercy to an enemy.

Hold some Christmas lights and wear a Santa hat and let it take you to the innocence, the wonder, the imagination, the carefree joy of Christmas.


Erin Moore said…
thanks Carole...great reminder!

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