Let's talk about Transracial Adoption

"I hear people say 'well we are not prejudice' that's great but that wont equip your kid. You need to see the world in color. I became so conscious of when the world was white. What was on posters, what's on TV shows, who's in my house. I noticed stuff that normally white people don't have to notice THAT'S WHAT WHITE PRIVILEGE IS and so if I'm gonna be these guys parents I cant live in this white privilege world any more"

I took this from Jason Kovac's blog (he ALWAYS has the best adoption related stuff)

I LOVE this video. I totally agree with what this lady and her son say.

We are very fortunate to live in Louisiana where half our population is black. We also are blessed to serve at the Healing Place Church Baton Rouge Dream Center location, which is mostly black. We wouldn't have it any other way. It benefits all our children, not just Steele and Abel.

Have you adopted a child that is of a different race?
Are you a child of a different race then your parents?
I know some areas of the country don't have many black people, do you think it's important to make a way to get your kids around people who look like them?
Let's talk about this.


Gered Lambert said…
Love this Carole! As you know, we adopted Jada from China. We are excited to discover ways to keep her connected to her country of origin. Brandi has a former coworker/friend who is from China and she checks in with us and lets us know about local Baton Rouge Chinese festival celebrations. We are not as fortunate as you guys cause the Chinese American population in this area is growing but nowhere near the numbers of black people. But, we definately want to seek those groups out and keep her connected as best as possible. We pray she will have a heart to share the Gospel in China and we want to keep her educated and involved should God open that door.
Anonymous said…
I watched this video on msnbc.com, it's longer than utube clip you feature (well worth your time if you're interested) and as I was marveling at this Mom, thinking "She gets it!"

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