Leslie Sam Phillips

God Is Watching You (LP Version) - Leslie Phillips

.."when you wake up in the night. When your dancing in the light. God is watching you"

One of my favorite songs from THE best female Christian Artist ever, Leslie Phillips. When I was a brand new Christian in 1985, I replaced my Pat Benatar addiction with Leslie Phillips. She had basically the same sound, only she sang about Jesus and righteous things. Back then Air Bands were big. There was a Christian Night Club in town called the Son Light Club and they would hold Air Band contest. We would get up there and Lip sing our hearts out. I can right now picture all the Mullets in the crowd (you know who you are). I had the best black pleather vest, that had zippers all over it, it was very Michael Jackson.

Anyway, back to Leslie...

Leslie Phillips left Christian Music in 1989 and started recording under the name Sam Phillips. The Christian music industry had pretty much destroyed her faith and she was disgusted by all she saw in that world. But she made even better music as a secular artist. You can hear her cry for a deeper, more real life with God. Her music spans over 25 years and the evolution of her sound is so cool to listen to.

IF you want to hear some great stuff, click this link,



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