I took this from's web site. Our family has become a partner, will you?

This Christmas, we've set the goal of raising $500,000 to help 5,000 orphans in 2010. To do this, we've launched a new Web site: HopeChest Partners

A HopeChest Partner is someone who gives $25/month or more toward establishing new orphan ministry through HopeChest.

Your gifts will help feed orphans trapped in extreme poverty and support programs to reduce sex trafficking among orphan girls in Russia.

Become a HopeChest Partner today!

These are CRITICAL gifts that form the foundation of our programs. Without that foundation, we could never have grown to reach 10,000 orphans, and sit poised to reach another 5,000 next year. It is those gifts, your gifts, that make the difference.

Go to today for more information and to sign up.


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