Ethiopia on my mind..

I recall the underlying sadness we felt at this time last year. Dean and I made a deliberate effort to be present, be joyful, and be hopeful during the Christmas season for Evangeline and Steele but it was difficult. We had been 11 months waiting for Abel to come home and we were weary of the waiting. We were sad that he was still in care and not home with us. But on December 10th we got the call that he was ours and we would be traveling to Ethiopia at the end of January to get him.

That was a good day.

Now, almost a year later, I am still haunted by Ethiopia. It scarred me forever. But many days go by that I don't think of Ethiopia. I am forgetting her. No, there she is. As I walked the mall looking for an outfit to wear to Dean's Coca Cola Christmas party, "you NEED this?" I heard in my head. Then I remembered the mothers sleeping with their babies, on the side walks, all over Addis Ababu. That stung my heart. Made it hard to shop for what I thought I needed. The Berbere spice brings me back when I open the cabinet where it is stored in the kitchen. I take a deep breath in, and remember Beef Tibs and drinking the best coffee in the world. The song "Closer" by Neo brings me back (of the few shows on TV in Ethiopia, The Closer with Kiera Sedric was one of them and they used the song "Closer" on their TV adds, which played several times a day. So, now that song is forever etched in my mind as Ethiopian TV).

I wish American life didn't chip away at reality. I am so blessed to be born in the U.S. but with blessing comes great responsibility. Am I living up to that responsibility? Does my heart break for what breaks His?

How do we not get sucked into consumer obsessed Christmas when everyone and everything is all about that right now? We do truly live in Sodom and Gomorrah.

But I wont forget. I wont forget Ebony. She lives here in the inner city. Her mother died last year from AIDS and Alcoholism and then the man they lived with died also. Now she lives with her aunt. I can't reach them because the phone number has changed. But she is on my heart and I pray God will cross our paths again. I wont forget my girl Neia either or little Destiny. I can take time to pour a little into their lives. I will do what I can. Here. Now. And I will do what I can for Ethiopia. It is a small world now.

I drew this picture after returning from Ethiopia. I didn't feel I had enough words to express what was going on inside my heart so I grabbed some colored pencils and started drawing. It was very therapeutic.

Megaphone of a 1000 voices

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Natalie said…
wow, amazing story- may we - you- never forget-thanks for the reminder-

cornelia seigneur

west linn oregon

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