Conversation in the Turner home..

Sitting at dinner last night and Steele says out of nowhere..

"I'm from Florida then I came to America"

"No Steele, Florida is part of America" Evangeline tells him.

"Mom, you went there and paid lots of money for me and that's how you got me" Steele says to me while eating his Chicken Spaghetti.

"No son! We didn't pay for you! That's not how adoption works. You don't buy people" (although the stinkin adoption industry sure has lots of fees for their services and legal crap which makes it hard for people without lots of money to adopt! I of course didn't say all that :-)

"I know what Adoption is!" exclaimed Abel. "It's when people come get you and take you away so you can go back when you are big."

"No son! Geeze. It's not like that either. It' hard to explain but.."

Then Evangeline decided to explain adoption to them.

"See, adoption is when a mom has a baby growing in her belly and she knows she can't take care of him for some reason. So, she let's him have a family."

I decided I needed to chime in.."Steele, you were meant to be my son. God put our family together this way. Abel, you are also now my son. It's different with you because you had a mom and dad who died and a grandmother that got to old to care for you so you became a part of our family as a bigger boy. Adoption is not about coming here just to go to school and one day return home to Ethiopia. We will all do that one day, I really hope, but we adopted you and Steele so you could be a part of our family forever."

They seemed content with this. I however was a bit amused in a perplexed kinda way and I was glad we had this conversation now. Crazy how kids hear bits of conversations and form opinions. Very interesting.

This morning while driving to school Abel said "mom, we are all a family. You, daddy, Sissy, Steele, me, Cleo (our dog) and Fusha (Evangeline's mouse). We are a family."

"And Megan, she's our Cousin and she lives with us sometime for school" Steele chimed in.

THIS is our life, our very wonderful life, welcome :-)


Unknown said…
Funny and amazing. Being adopted I can relate. The Turner family is amazing...I even bet Fusha is amazing!
chase said…
I absolutely love this post! I love how Steele said you bought me! Thats so funny?cute. O how I cant wait till my fmaily and I will have conversations with Celina about the same thing!

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