Christmas morning 09

The kids opening gifts..

Steele reading his Where the Wild Things Are book..

Then I sent them into the kitchen to throw away their trash and they found the plasma cars in there :-)

Evangeline, Abel and Steele showing off their new clothes from Grandma and Pappa Turner. E got a Bon Jovi T. She got an ipod Nano and some cooking stuff from family. Right now the boys are busy playing with the Lego type things my mom got them, Dean is helping them build stuff.

And I am cooking our Turkey...good times.

Abel said "Steele said he has had 5 Christmases"

"Yes, he's been alive for 5 years and he's had a Christmas every year. Christmas comes every year Abel. Next year and every year from now on you will have one." I told him. He was very happy. This was his first Christmas ever.

More later..


Erin Moore said…
Elysa said…
Wow! First Christmas Ever.

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