Calling all Angels

Hebrews 13:2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.

My grandmother told us a lot of things when we were little. But one thing that really never left me was this scripture. She had many stories of encounters with strangers/angels.

This morning Evangeline and I stopped at McDonalds after we dropped Megan off at the Airport so she could go home to see her mom for Christmas. A man over heard Evangeline say she wanted the combo but didn't have enough money, he asked her how much she was short and told her he would give it to her. I had the dollar she needed but it was so nice of him to offer that. We thanked him and talked for a second. He then went and sat down by his self to eat and we headed back to Baton Rouge.

Maybe he was an Angel? Maybe he was sent there just to be a kind person in a busy McDonald's.

One day I was driving down the road and I saw an older homeless looking man walking in the rain. I wanted to pick him up but I was afraid. I immediately heard my grandmother say, "when you pass up a stranger, you could be passing up a chance to entertain an angel" I still didn't pick him up.

I didn't believe the scripture as much as she did I guess.

BUT that day changed the way I react to the homeless, the stranger. After that day I decided to not miss an opportunity to entertain Angels again. I wish I always lived up to my vow, I don't. But I still always hear my grandmother's voice reminding me.

I went home and wrote this poem that day after passing the old man on the street.

The Poor

I can read of you and I feel something.
I even cry when I see you thin and hungry.
I judge you when you hold a sign, when you smell, or look ugly.
I drive by you walking in the rain.
I see you sleeping on the street again.
When I touch you, I want to weep.
When you are locked away and your babies we keep.
I visit your home where you sell yourself away.
I give you groceries and your child a book.
I don't know your life or the abuse you took.
But I can't look away anymore.
I can't leave even with a wide open door.
So what am I to do? You are now really a "You".
I see your face when I pray, when I look at my children.
I see your face again, again and again.
I read of you and I feel something.
I look at you and I see you.
I look at you and I see Jesus.


Good post.

Hey, I don't like the red background. It is REALLY hard to read your posts. Maybe its just my computer. Has someone else mentioned it?

Also, I cannot find your review on Precious. I clicked on it on your last post, but it will not come up--curious to read your thoughts.
Carole Turner said…
I changed the back ground back to white and fixed the link. I loved Precious.

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