BRDC Youth Christmas party

Eric H, Derek, E and Meg with the man in red.In Funky town, Santa pics are way cooler!

It was one of the best parties I have been too.

I teared up watching the boy who just lost his mom to drugs and the kids from the group home dancing and throwing their heads back in laughter.

I actually had to keep from crying the entire night. The joy, the fun, the gifts, the food, the laughter,the dancing, all were lights in dark worlds.

Jesus is reaching to them all, he's changing us through them.

Nathan, Esther, Jim and Rene, Jillian, Charity and Paul, Corey, Susan, Dena, Kim, Aaron and everyone else that spends time with these kids, you are all changing lives. Don't ever think it doesn't make a difference. God bless you for what you do.

Ok, I will quit being sappy and let these fun pictures tell the story of the night..

Josh, Santa and Dena tearing up the dance floor.

Santa's helpers, Chris, Derek, Grey and Joshua.

Yes, that's a pimp Rim as the tree base cuz' that's how we roll!

Boys and their lemons.

You can see all the BRDC youth Christmas party pictures HERE


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