BRDC Dance team-Elliot

(front row) Amad, Dena, Elliot, Josh, Abel. (back row) Ty, Jordan, Megan, Evangeline, Makayla, Big A.

Yesterday at the toy giveaway, the brdc dance team performed with Big A while he rapped his song "Free". This dance team is made up of troubled teens from the community, my kids, a couple Highland road campus kids, and a couple boys from group homes.

This is Elliot. He is one of the dancers. This picture was taken at the BRDC youth Christmas party on Tuesday night. Elliot had a great time at the party showing off his dance moves.

A few years ago his mother dropped him off at the social services office and told them that she no longer wanted to be his mother. Elliot was at the party with other boys from the group home. He is 16 years old. He has suffered a life time of abuse, neglect and rejection. He recently told one of the house mothers at the group home that he no longer wanted to live.

But he loves coming to dance class and the after school program. He's currently in the GED program at a literacy foundation. He told me he dreams of being a singer and dancer and he is getting his degree so he can pursue that.

The group home situation here in Louisiana works on a 100 day rotation. Elliot's 100 days are up on December 23rd. Then he will be transferred out of Baton Rouge to another group home. And in 2010 he will age out of the foster system.

I am telling you all about Elliot in hopes that someone will become his foster parents.

I tear up a lot at dance class. But I didn't tear up yesterday when they were performing, I beamed with pride and joy. This class is planting seeds in the lives of boys like Elliot. He is one of many stories. I want so badly to see the fruit of that planting, I want someone to foster Elliot so he can stay here in Baton Rouge, continue honing his dance skills under Dena's instructions. continue at the GED program and continue to grow in God.

Elliot breaks my heart. He really is a sweet kid. He has some issues, physical problems and problems caused from years of abuse but he is kind. Elliot has hopes and dreams, I am praying he will see them come true. Most of all I am praying that a Godly, loving family will become his family.

12/23 update on Elliot: He should be able to stay here since he is in school. He is also trying to get a job. Several people have inquired about him since I posted this and we are all working together to do what we can for him to stay. Continue to pray for him and all the kids in the group homes. Thanks.


Unknown said…
Not to sound bitchy but if you want him to be adopted or fostered so bad, why don't you do it? I guess it's easier to push him on someone else rather than just do the right thing on your own. So maybe he would be better off with someone else...
Carole Turner said…
Your absolutely right. We are actually still in post placement adjustment with our son we adopted from Ethiopia almost a year ago, and my husband is not ready to start another adoption process.

You really did sound bitchy, might want to work on that.
HerstoryGirl said…
Divotdawg: I don't think you sounded b*tchy; I think you sound ignorant. You obviously have no idea of what, or to whom, you are speaking. You might want to get to know the people you decide to slam, before you start typing...

For instance, if you knew Carole, you would know that she has adopted two children and has dreams of adopting dozens more. Have YOU done that?

And you would know that she lives and breathes orphan and child advocacy practically every minute of every day. She doesn't just talk about it; she actually DOES something -- proactive & productive -- for the cause. Do YOU?

And you would know that she devotes ALL of her free time to the youth of the inner city, tutoring them and mentoring them and trying to let them know that they ARE valuable, no matter what this world may try to tell them.

And you would know that she is a great mom and an amazing friend. She is a good & kind, & overwhelmingly generous soul. What she lacks in resources, she makes up for with her own sweat and tears.

So, please step down off your high horse. Carole's not judging anyone; she's simply trying to do some good. You ought to try it sometime...
Anonymous said…
Right on History Girl! I would advise Dog,oops, I mean Dawg to engage brain before speaking. Lets pray for him/her. That should put some coals on the fire.

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