Back to the future..

We are at my dads for Christmas Eve. He gave me these pictures..

My sister Donna and I when we were 9 and 10. Plaid was in then too. Notice my beautifully awful eyebrows.

Me, my Dad and my sister Donna when we were little. You can't see it but my dad rocked a huge Pompadour, like Elvis who he idolized.

I sent this picture to my dad when I was 14, on the back of it I had written "relaxing in the valley look. That's what they call me at school 'Valley girl'." Ha! Yea, that's Tom Sellek with the killer Mustache and Rocky plastered on my wall behind me but at that time it was Matt Dillion who held my heart.


Anderson Crew said…
How funny! Thanks for sharing the "flashbacks"

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