Africa, Aids Orphans and Us..

I started really feeling that urgency to adopt an HIV+ little girl. I know that is in our future. I really feel God has shown me that. But Dean keeps saying he's not ready to adopt again.

I started pleading with God to change his heart. Give him a dream or something.

All the kids are ready. Steele keeps asking when we will have a baby sister.

Mean while Dean made plans to return to Swaziland in April with Children's Cup.

He was heading in one direction, and I was trying to pull him in another direction. I thought surely he was just missing God...

As we were talking the other night Dean said "maybe we are supposed to be missionaries and help a lot of AIDS orphans!" I didn't like that answer.

Then I was praying and God just made it clear that Dean and I are not really on a different page, we just have a different view of how to achieve the same goal. He also made it clear that I needed to get behind my husbands dream and I may just find it is the same.

SO, I will be going with Dean in April to Swaziland with Children's Cup. We will love on kids at the Care points, many who are orphaned by AIDS. We will help serve the kids and workers there and we will also love on kids at specific AIDS orphanages there that Children's Cup partners with.

Who know, our little girl could be in Swaziland, waiting for us.

Now we just have to raise the $7000. it will take for both of us to go. I have a few fund raising ideas...stay tuned :-)


Elysa Mac said…
You know how happy this makes me!!!! I'll be praying, sisi!

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