What If?

So now we all do the "what if" stuff. We sit around and wonder aloud,

What if they hadn't had their seat belts on?

What if Evangeline had been sitting behind dad or Megan and not in the middle?

What if the boys had been with them and sitting in the back seat behind dad and Megan?

What if there had been other cars in the inner section?

My dad, Megan and Evangeline are a lot closer now that they have been through this trauma together. It just does that.

My dad drove back today in a rental car and went in to work tonight. He works for Select Comfort in Houston, he's a store manager so he had to close. His shoulder is still in a lot of pain. When I talked to him he said he's gonna try to make the drive over here more often.

God uses things like the wreck to snap us back to what is important.

I have no idea why this time the "what ifs" were answered the way they were. I know families that ask the reverse,

what if I had buckled their seat belts?

What if I had waited to turn?

What if I had kissed then good bye before they left?

And my heart breaks for those that are asking these questions tonight. Peace that passes all understanding is all that can get them through another day, so I will pray for peace for them. Much peace.

What a mystery this life is.


Bobby said…
I ran into your blog by happenstance and just wanted to post - thank God everyone was ok after this horrible accident. If this happened to me I would hope I’d have it my heart to forgive the 16 year old girl. There are times I leave the house without kissing my family goodbye, but your post really makes that unlikely in the future!

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